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City of Taipei wants more info on PSN breach

The Law and Regulations Commission in Taipei, Taiwan, writes letter to Sony asking that PlayStation customers get a better guarantee that a similar breach won't happen again, according to IDG.

City officials in Taipei, Taiwan, want more information about how Sony's PlayStation Network was breached, and a guarantee of better consumer protection in the future, according to a report.

The city's Law and Regulations Commission today sent a letter to Sony requesting more help for customers affected, according to IDG News Service. Sony has 10 days to respond before incurring a fine from the commission of between NT$30,000 (U.S. $1,041) and NT$300,000 (U.S. $10,408).

The same commissionsent Sony a letter last month when the company first revealed that personal data for 77 million of its customers was exposed in a cyberattack on PSN in April. Sony responded to that letter, but the city commission says it still needs more information.

Commission Chief Consumer Protection Officer Chen Pi-Chu says this time commissioners are looking for "a more complete answer and a better protection guarantee."

In addition to thecompany's offerto provide all customers with free identity theft protection, it promised free games and movies, in-game bonuses, and 30 days of free access to its premium PlayStation Plus service.