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Custom-modded Lego set dances into male-stripper zone

These custom Lego minifigs are for adults only. Citizen Brick's Center for the Performing Arts involves chest hair, cash and a pole.

Center for the Performing Arts
Better brush up on your Lego dance skills. Citizen Brick

So you don't even have to wonder a little bit, I'm going to tell you right up front: Lego has absolutely no official involvement with Citizen Brick's Center for the Performing Arts set. No doubt Lego would like to stay far, far away from this kit. Citizen Brick creates custom Lego sets that push the boundaries of the toy form. It already offered a "Breaking Bad" Lego meth lab and a group of unofficial "Game of Thrones" minifigs. Now, it's channeling "Magic Mike" and "Showgirls."

The Center for the Performing Arts set is referring to a different sort of theater, the kind that involves skimpy outfits, a pole and zebra-print couches. The set encompasses a strip club with pink leopard-print flooring, working LED lights, a spinning pole, hologram wall tiles and a DJ booth. The fictional club's name is "Foxy Blox." It comes ready for action with four custom minifigs and a stash of toy cash.

The discussion of gender equality in Lego toys often comes up. At least Citizen Brick had the foresight to include a male stripper in the set, even though he looks like a cross between Ron Burgundy and Ron Swanson. There are two female dancers, while the male DJ is fully clothed.

Citizen Brick humbly declares this "the greatest custom Lego set ever crafted." That greatness will cost you $275 (about £173, AU$319). Reactions to this set will probably range from enthusiasm from grown-up Lego collectors with a cheeky sense of humor to mild outrage from the same sort of people who were upset about "Breaking Bad" action figures. You can relax, though. You won't find the Center for the Performing Arts at your local Toys "R" Us, so you don't have to worry about impressionable young children seeing the set while shopping for holiday gifts.

Citizen Brick custom minifig
Doesn't this look like Ron Swanson? Citizen Brick