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Cisco Web site hit by outage

The networking giant is investigating causes of Web site problems Monday.

Cisco Systems' Web site had a hard time coming back from the Thanksgiving vacation on Monday.

An outage struck the networking giant Monday morning and continued to affect parts of the Web site for hours. The company, which uses its site for e-commerce, support, and work with business partners, said in a statement it's investigating.

"Earlier this morning, experienced some issues that impacted access to certain applications on the site," Cisco said in a statement midmorning Monday, but the San Jose, Calif.-based company didn't immediately say what parts of the site were down. "Currently, is accessible and we are in the process of conducting a thorough investigation to determine the cause and full impact. We thank our customers, partners and other site users for their patience."

Even after the site's front page resumed working, other parts such as the ordering page for purchasing Cisco products sent users to a technical problem page. And a CNET reader reported having problems logging in and downloading software, too.