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Cisco to buy Cognio

Cisco Systems said Tuesday it plans to buy privately held Cognio to help its customers better manager wireless spectrum.

Networking equipment maker Cisco Systems said Tuesday that it plans to buy privately held Cognio, a company that has developed technologies to better manage wireless spectrum.

Financial details of the deal weren't disclosed.

Cisco said Cognio's technology that detects, classifies, locates, and mitigates sources of radio frequency, compliments its existing portfolio of wireless technologies. And it will allow corporate network managers who have deployed Cisco's wireless technologies to better manage their wireless spectrum to minimize interference.

"Wireless spectrum is a strategic asset for our customers, and its management is key to the robust delivery of mobility applications," Brett Galloway, vice president and general manager of Cisco's wireless networking business unit said in a statement. "Cognio's innovation in spectrum intelligence will help ensure Cisco continues to differentiate our ability to deliver our customers rich and dependable end-user mobility experiences."

Cisco said it expects the deal to close in the first quarter of its 2008 fiscal year. Cognio is Cisco's 122nd acquisition, and it's the first one the company has announced this fiscal year, which started in July.