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Cisco taps Verdiem to manage power for PCs, network gear

Cisco moves deeper into energy efficiency through deal with Verdiem to combine power management for PCs and other networked gear in Cisco's EnergyWise application.

PC energy management company Verdiem said on Tuesday it has signed a deal with Cisco to create software for managing PCs and networking equipment from Cisco.

Cisco's EnergyWise software is designed to administer power-management policies of IT gear. Cisco

Under an original equipment manufacturing arrangement, Verdiem's energy-management software will be sold as Cisco's EnergyWise Orchestrator and be able to track and report electricity usage from IP phones, wireless access points, edge switches, and other devices that run over the Power over Ethernet protocol.

Verdiem's software gives IT managers a centralized way to set power policies for networked PCs, such as putting PCs on standby after a certain amount of time or turning them off at night. Companies that buy the automated power-management software can make back the upfront costs in a year in energy savings, according to the company.

Cisco's EnergyWise software, which originally worked with switches and routers, now works with networked PCs and other devices. Cisco had originally planned on making the PC energy-management feature available last summer.

It is also working to extend EnergyWise to manage the energy of building's mechanical systems, including heating, ventilation, and lights.