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Cipher glass knows what you're drinking

Designer Damjan Stanković has imagined a drinking glass that can indicate what it holds. The Cipher concept glass tells you when you're having OJ, milk, or Coke.

The humble drinking glass has been redesigned countless times, but Belgrade-based Damjan Stanković has dreamed up one that knows what you're drinking.

The Cipher concept drinking glass indicates when you're quaffing orange juice, milk, or Coke. An apparently random mosaic of colorful squares on the wall of the glass turns into letters and words as it's filled with the appropriate liquid.

The visual trick is possible, thanks to the way the colored squares are arranged on the glass and the color of the liquid.

The designer says each "side" of the Cipher glass is reserved for a specific drink, meaning, presumably, that milk won't create the word "milk" on the part meant for Coke. It's a bit confusing, since the glass appears to be round, without sides.

Nevertheless, the Cipher apparently won a Red Dot design award last year.

The designer says the Cipher could be used as a novelty item or marketing tool for beverage companies. I'd like to know what it would display if you pour in a mix of milk, OJ, and Coke--"barf"?