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Chuck Berry dies, Twitter cries 'Hail, hail rock 'n' roll'

The legendary guitarist, songwriter, singer and showman gets a final ovation from his famous disciples and others.

Chuck Berry on stage.
Getty Images

Rock 'n' roll died Saturday, and Twitter let loose with a chorus of tributes.

The social network filled up with eulogies pegged to the passing of a certain duckwalking guitar player, of whom John Lennon once said, "If you tried to give rock 'n' roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry."

The 90-year-old Berry was found dead Saturday at his home in St. Charles County, Missouri.

With classic songs like "Maybellene," "Johnny B. Goode" and "No Particular Place to Go," Berry influenced innumerable musicians and left an indelible mark on pop culture.

The Beatles covered "Roll Over Beethoven" on their second album. The Rolling Stones made a version of Berry's "Come On" their first single. The Beach Boys' "Surfin' USA" hung ten on the melody of "Sweet Little Sixteen."

Berry's influence made its way to Hollywood too. Among other big-screen Berry moments, Marty McFly (aka Michael J. Fox) gets into a little "Johnny B. Goode" action in 1985's "Back to the Future."

And it doesn't stop there. In fact, Berry's influence quite literally stretches beyond the solar system. "Johnny B. Goode" was included alongside music by the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart on the golden record launched aboard the Voyager I spacecraft in 1977. The craft left the solar system in 2013, the first human-made object ever to do so.

Some of Berry's most famous disciples took to Twitter to sing the man's praises. Here's a sampling.

First published March 18, 7 p.m. PT
Update, March 19 at 9:05 a.m.: Adds tweet from former US President Barack Obama.