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Chrome to Phone clone comes to iOS

Want the convenience of Google's "Chrome to Phone" extension with your iPhone? A new solution comes close, letting you send open browser links to Safari on your phone.

Chrome to iPhone
Chrome to iPhone essentially copies whatever page you're on in Chrome, and lets you open it up back on your iOS device. Google/CNET

iPhone and iPad users who have longed to get the same functionality found in Google's "Chrome to Phone" extension, which sends items from the browser to the mobile phone, need wait no longer.

A new extension from developer Tom Lerendu called Chrome to iPhone brings a similar level of convenience to users who wish to send links directly to their phones. Users with the extension installed can send whatever page they're looking at in Chrome to their iPhone. Though unlike on a compatible Android device, these links or application shortcuts don't automatically fire up the browser (or relevant application). Instead, users need to save a personalized link to their Safari bookmarks or their iOS device's home screen; clicking on that then launches the browser and takes you to that page.

By nature this will never have the kind of deep integration Google has built into its own solution, which incidentally requires that users are running version 2.2 of the Android operating system (something few phones currently offer). But it certainly beats sending those links to yourself in e-mails.

Something similar can be had for Firefox users with Mozilla's Firefox Home iPhone app, which can mirror whatever tabs you have open in your desktop browser, as well as any bookmarks and history.

(via Gizmodo)