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Chill-inducing 'Interstellar' trailer pulls your heart into space

Get ready, world. The next great sci-fi epic could be coming soon as "Interstellar" releases a trailer that teases a world of space wonders and a desperate attempt to save humanity.

Interstellar image from movie poster
Matthew McConaughey goes through a wormhole. Warners Bros./Legendary/Paramount

It's the end of the world as we know it. Dust storms are choking the planet. Our only hope is Matthew McConaughey in a spaceship. If you're not jumping to stand in line for tickets, then you haven't seen the latest trailer. "Interstellar" is an upcoming film from Christopher Nolan, the man who brought us the twisting "Memento," a small army of gritty Batman movies and the mind-bending hit "Inception."

Nolan is blasting off out of our solar system for his next effort. The plot involves a spacecraft heading through a wormhole in search of a habitable and friendly enough planet to save the human race from its own crumbling Earth. Time is short and the search is perilous. Michael Caine tells McConaughey to "get out there and save the world."

The film is rated PG-13, partly for "some intense perilous action." We get a glimpse of that action in the form of a wave as big as a mountain that threatens to swamp the expedition on another planet. If the trailer hasn't given you goosebumps yet, they're likely to rise here.

The film opens in IMAX theaters in the US on November 5 and moves into wide release in regular theaters in the US, UK, Australia and elsewhere within days after that.

"Interstellar" comes at an interesting time when discussion of climate change is all over the news and scientists are actively sorting out how we might able to establish a human settlement on Mars. It's those sort of ties, hovering in the backs of our minds, that ground the trailer in our current reality and make it so fascinating to watch. If the movie lives up to its promise, we could all be in for quite a journey through space, along with an examination of our own fears for the future of humanity.