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Chris Pine clears up which Chris is which superhero

Commentary: "SNL" host and not star of "Guardian Of The Galaxy" wants this settled once and for all. He also brings "Star Trek" back, in one lost episode.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

I confess to suffering from this very confusion.

Which Chris is Chris Evans? And which one's Chris Pratt? And then there's Chris Hemsworth.

Chris is a wonderful name. The best, perhaps. Yet Chris Pine is frustrated that few can tell him apart from the other superhero-types.

So as host of "Saturday Night Live," he sought to enlighten.

No, he's not in "Guardians of the Galaxy." He's also not Thor. The more he tries to explain, the worse it gets. Leslie Jones thinks he's Captain America. No, that's Evans.

When he brings out a poster introducing each of the Chrises, you can see the problem. They do all look alike, in their way. White, youngish, a lot of hair, some of it on their faces.

It might be time for them to have a lottery and change their names to something more original.

Chris Pratt is such an ordinary-sounding name. Were he Jonathan Snodgrass, that would be far more memorable. Pine himself could become Jasper Pinole.

These people just need a little imagination. Why, my own real name is actually Chris Smith.

Pine also appeared in a (supposedly) lost episode of "Star Trek," in which he became William Shatner. In the same episode was a character called Spocko.

You see, names can be original.