Chris Hemsworth parties as Thor in 'SNL' skit

As host on "Saturday Night Live," Chris Hemsworth reprised his Marvel role as Thor for a sketch alongside fellow "Avengers" Iron Man, Nick Fury, the Hulk and Captain America.

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Thor can celebrate with us anytime! Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Thanks to this weekend's edition of "Saturday Night Live," we now know that Thor likes to party and Captain America is still square.

As the guest host on the long-running US comedy show, "Avengers" actor Chris Hemsworth donned his Thor costume, complete with his hammer Mjolnir, for a hilarious superhero skit, "Avengers News Report." (Readers outside the US can see a version uploaded here.)

After defeating Ultron, the bad guy in the upcoming "Avengers" movie, we see Action 7 News interviewing Thor and his pals Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America as they celebrate their victory with a cheering crowd. Hemsworth isn't joined by the movie actors who play the Avengers, but by "SNL" players -- who capture the Marvel personalities perfectly.

Thor high-fives onlookers, dances, sings "We are the Champions" by Queen, gives a shout-out to his brother Loki and even mocks his ex-girlfriend for dumping him: "To my ex Jane, how do you like me now?"

Iron Man, played by Taran Killam, says he's going to Disney World. Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk (Pete Davidson), isn't sure what happened, but might have accidentally eaten someone during the battle.

When the reporter asks Nick Fury if Ultron still poses a threat to the city, Fury (Jay Pharoah) yells "No!" then gets Gatorade dumped on him by Thor and Iron Man, just like any great coach would.

While the Avengers are happy about the win, leave it to stick-in-the-mud Captain America (Beck Bennett) to ruin the festive mood by urging citizens to stay inside their homes due to unstable buildings destroyed from battle damage. At least Thor is making fun of him behind his back and ready to head to the after-party at Dave & Busters.

Here's hoping that we get to see the same kind of celebration when the real " Avengers: Age of Ultron" hits theaters in May 1.