Choosing between a Linux and Mac OS X desktop

The Mac is winning over open-source developers, as evidenced by this article.

OS Weekly ponders a question I never would have thought it would ponder: Linux or Mac OS X on the desktop? I would have thought OS Weekly would have chosen Linux long ago and stopped thinking about the decision, but it appears that the Mac is truly presenting itself as a serious contender for open-source developers.

From the article:

Under the hood, it's basically the same thing, which is a hat tip to Apple. Incredibly secure and simple to use. Personally, the most compelling reason to use this OS would not be for iTunes. It would also be for the fantastic applications designed to make video editing a breeze. Is this something I really want to do on a notebook? If I went MacBook Pro perhaps, but it's really more of a desktop sort of a task for an iMac, I think. I don't know yet, it does seem like OS X is looking better all the time. I can hammer out scripts like I do in Linux fairly easily, and now, thanks to VMWare Fusion, I can even use my beloved Evolution PIM where Entourage is not a great replacement for me. Maybe it's time to upgrade my notebook after all?

In short, the Mac may well give users the best of both worlds: Apple's creativity software and open-source's wealth of applications. I switched back in 2002 and will never look back. I've used Windows. I've used Linux. For me, the Mac is vastly superior to both in enabling the consumer-ish ease of Windows with the under-the-hood hackability of Linux.

Via Slashdot's Firehose.