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Chocolate spreads to home theater

LG tries to capitalize on successful branding


Chocolate lovers are everywhere, and LG knows it. So the company is taking its popular phone brand and milking it (sorry) for home entertainment products as well on the U.K. market.

The "J10HD Chocolate" is a home theater system with an 80GB hard drive and surround-sound speakers that can play DVDs, CDs and MPEG4 videos, as well as MP3 files. The only feature it shares with its handset cousin is a touchpad similar to one on the Chocolate phone, according to Coolest-Gadgets, but that's not the point. It's more about marketing than any technological ties.

LG is apparently taking a page from Sony, which has extended its successful "Bravia" TV branding to its mobile phones. Granted, the TV-to-phone direction is the opposite of Chocolate's phone-to-home expansion, but it's the general concept that counts. The question is whether music aficionados will prove as sweet-toothed as phone fetishists have proven to be.