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Chocolate craniums are desserts to die for

These anatomically correct chocolate skulls on Etsy make for the perfect Halloween centerpiece or creepy holiday treat.

Alas, poor Yorick... looks delicious! Black Chocolate Co.

This Halloween, scare your guests with anatomically correct chocolate human skulls from Black Chocolate Co. on Etsy. Moulded from a real human skull, these handmade Belgian chocolate treats look so realistic that you might creep yourself out while snacking.

Created by UK-based Black Chocolate Co., the life-size chocolate skulls come in four different flavors: dark chocolate, chilli chocolate, caramel chocolate and milk chocolate. Each skull contains 1.5kg of quality Belgian chocolate and may contain traces of nuts.

The skulls are hand-cast, which gives each one an individual appearance with various cracks. "Some skulls may show evidence of chocolate bloom, an inherent part of the casting process which does not affect the chocolate in any way, and only adds to the skull's gnarly, 'fresh from the ground' look," Black Chocolate Co. stated on its Etsy page.

The skulls are dusted in fine cocoa powder in a sterile environment and are edible for up to six months when kept in a cool, dry area -- but not in a refrigerator.

The skulls are currently priced at $113.92/£68 (AU$120 when converted), plus shipping and handling fees. And if you don't want to nibble on a chocolate cranium, you can display the skull in a cool and dry area. "It will practically keep forever," Black Chocolate Co. said on its Etsy page. "We have one kept in a glass box on our bookcase."

"It is a beautiful piece and my wife couldn't bring herself to eat it. It's now under a glass dome next to our mummified bat," Etsy user David Gravenmier wrote in his review.

Whether you decide to nosh on the skull or use it in a tasty rendition of Hamlet, orders must be in at least three weeks in advance of Halloween to arrive in time to frighten your guests.