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Chocolate-activated coat a key to wearable tech's future

Soon, we'll want to use wearable tech to express everything. Famed chocolate maker Cadbury is ahead of the trend.

Even your hem flips with joy.
Creativity screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Please don't be fooled.

Wearable tech isn't about giving you more information. It's about giving everyone else more information about you.

"Look, I'm wearing a Fitbit wristband!" It means that I am fitter than you and I care more about my health. "Look, I'm wearing Google Glass!" It means I have money and I'm a sociopath.

So the future of wearable tech is more about display than self-improvement.

Famed chocolate maker Cadbury understands this sweet spot. So it has brought some vast brains together to create a piece of piece of wearable tech that you didn't know you wanted. That's always the best kind.

Here we have a jacket that tells the world you are eating chocolate.

Created by Hirsch&Mann, this magical device turns Raspberry Pi into chocolate ecstasy.

As Creativity reports, the minute the jacket's sensors sniff out chocolate, the whole thing becomes an amazing purple-colored dreamcoat.

The suddenly excitable beat of your heart is expressed to the world. Lights flash. Even the hem of your coat flips up like the skirt of a dancer at the Folies Bergere. Music and confetti are emitted too.

It's well known that eating chocolate causes feelings that few other human activities can match.

But this invention is surely only the beginning in what will be a beautiful future. Instead of having to go to Facebook or Twitter to tell people what we're doing or how we're feeling, wearable tech will allow us to do it in the moment.

Our clothing will be able to immediately express to all around every one of our activities.

My T-shirt is flashing green and playing angelic music: "I've just recycled!!"

My baseball cap is flashing red and emitting a siren: "My blood pressure just went up!!"

My blouse is flashing pink and emitting wailing noises: "I'm having a married man's baby!!"

Yes, technology's joyous possibilities are truly endless.