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ChicBuds thinks women need bling-bling

ChicBuds, a company that boasts being the only electronics company targeting women, features products covered in Swarovski crystals and bright colors.

There's more where that came from.

It's once a week I turn away from the monitor and gag at the latest Swarovski crystal-embellished gadget. I think to myself: "Will someone really purchase this bling-bling Hello Kitty camera? If they do, will they take it out in public?"

Well, Paris Hilton would. Or so says the newest company embracing the Swarovski trend, ChicBuds.

ChicBuds prides itself on being what it says is the only electronics company targeting women: "products made by women for women." Their goods are created with a woman's "needs" in mind, and have reached celebrities including Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, and Audrina Partridge.

The featured products, like the PinkTooth Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Swarovski crystals, suggest that what we need is a collection of generic, so-so earbuds covered in so many crystals the 'buds become unrecognizable.

It's unsettling that companies target women with shiny accessories, clumping us into a group of flamboyant divas. Although there are women who enjoy this style of product, there are also many women who choose products according to the quality of the gadget.

An ideal woman-targeting electronics company would feature high-quality gadgets with a conservative touch of girliness--a little pink here perhaps, some swirls there. My personal favorite along these lines is Motorola's H680 Bluetooth headset.

As long as we're on the subject of Swarovski, you can see more crystal-clad disasters here. And be sure to vote in this week's Friday Poll. We ask what companies should do to attract more female customers.