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CherryPal PC to ship on Nov. 4 with double the storage space

The $249 cloud computing CherryPal PC is scheduled to ship on November 4


Last we reported, the launch of the CherryPal PC was very much up in the air. As Engadget notes, CherryPal has updated its shopping page for this tiny, cloud-computing PC with two important items.

1. The CherryPal PC will ship on election day, November 4. "Guaranteed!!!" it says on the CherryPal Web site, with three exclamation points. To prove it's serious about that 11/4 ship date, the model number has changed from C100 to C114.

2. The capacity of the CherryPal's flash drive has doubled. Once and future orders will get 8GB of storage. The price stays the same: $249.

Elsewhere on the company's Web site, it notes that the CherryPal PC will feature a slimmer casing. The system weighs 10 ounces and measures 5.8 inches deep, 4.2 inches wide, and 1.3 inches high.

The additional space is nice, but the revolutionary idea behind the product stays the same. Instead of storing your apps and docs locally as you do on your PC's hard drive, you'll store them on CherryPal's servers in the cloud that is the Internet. With no moving parts and fewer components, the CherryPal PC promises to be cheaper, greener, and easier to manage than a traditional PC. The PC doesn't include a traditional operating system; instead, the CherryPal PC uses Firefox as its main interface. The company will reportedly offer 50GB of password-protected online storage space with each purchase.