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Check out this high-tech bed -- it has a TV, speakers... and an app

If James Bond could actually commit himself to just one woman, he'd probably sleep with her in this high-end bed with an integrated Bang & Olufsen television and sound system.

A stellar reason to lay in bed all day.

We don't usually talk about beds here on Crave, but we know our readers just had to see the techy Anemone multimedia box spring bed by Lavital. Developed by Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik, the 35,000 euro ($43,901) sleeper costs as much as a mid-grade Audi car. A perfect gift for the one-percenter in your life!

In all seriousness, the overall frame does sport a few nifty features that you can adjust through an iPhone or iPod Touch app. Yes, you read the correctly -- the bed comes with an app, which for that price it most certainly should.

For starters, a simple tap of the app can control lighting, or lift a hidden B&O television from the footboard (complete with multispeaker sound system). An illuminated mirror behind the TV additionally creates a temporary vanity.

Those seeking the perfect alignment can electronically adjust the positioning of the bed through the app, as well. Moreover, after playing with the bed all night, a dock built into the headboard allows one to recharge their iPhone or iPod Touch.

The box spring, made of sustainable materials, features "organic cotton, organic sheep's wool, organic flax, and horse hair." The Lavital Web site notes that the company tailors the bed "to the wants, sleeping habits, proportions, and wishes of the owner."

(Via Luxury Launches)