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Cheating husband caught on Google Street View?

A woman is expected to divorce her husband after spotting his Range Rover parked outside another woman's house when he said he was away on business.

Editors' note: Some readers have pointed out that the Sun's story appears to have been debunked.

Further update 1.58pm PST: The Times of London quoted an esteemed lawyer a couple of days ago who related the broad facts as being true.

He didn't even say he was working late. No, no. He said he was away on business.

However, his wife, bathing in uncontrollable suspicion, decided to do the only thing she could. She dialed up the local detective agency. Yes, Google Street View.

In the story as related by the Sun newspaper (and which still, as of 7.50am PST sits proudly on the Sun's Website), the unnamed woman seems to have had some sense of whom her errant husband might be squiring.

She Google-zoomed in on the woman's house and discovered that her husband's Range Rover proved that he was, indeed, roving.

Whatever will they pick up next? CC Byrion

Yes, its distinctive shape, and its even more distinctive fancy hubcaps, were parked exactly where they shouldn't be.

Divorce appears to be proceeding.

Britain has already been shaken to what remains of its foundations by Google Street View's unerring ability to discover people and things where an idealist might wish they weren't: from the vomiting man to the man walking out of a sex shop. Yes, not even the same man.

One can only hope for some form of reconciliation in the sad Google Street View divorce. At the very least, wouldn't it be nice if Google picked up the legal bills? Or if the company offered to pay for counseling? On the other hand, will the poor husband threaten to sue Google?

And now, despite some confusion as to whether this whole story is nothing more than a street legend, perhaps some doubtful wife will today be inspired to leap to Street View to find evidence of her husband's philandering.

Unlike with marriage, the possibilities with Google Street View are endless.