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Cheap Vizio LCD gives 120Hz, decent picture

Among the least expensive 120Hz LCDs available, the Vizio E0VL series delivers a decent picture but falls a bit short of competitors.

The Vizio E0VL series falls a bit short of its competitors' entry-level 120Hz LCDs. Sarah Tew/CNET

Like most TV makers, Vizio offers a wide variety of features at different price points. The E0VL series reviewed here lacks the Internet and LED backlight options of the company's flagship XVT3 series, but its spec sheet and price tag hold the real appeal--it's one of the least expensive TVs on the market with 120Hz processing. On the other hand, the Vizio's downsides, namely lighter black levels and less-impressive performance when viewed from off-angle, give us some pause when comparing it with other non-LED-based 120Hz LCDs. But if you want this feature set and don't mind a couple of sacrifices, the Vizio E0VL makes a strong value-driven argument.

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