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Cheap R2-D2 projector is stuff of nightmares

You get what you pay for.


As much as we appreciate the occasional Star Wars knickknack, $2,500 seemed a tad steep for an R2-D2 projector. So we were pleased at first upon hearing that a low-budget version would be available.

Until we saw it. The product shots of the "R2-D2 Night Projector" from National Console Support is enough to give a grown man nightmares. First of all, its head pops off, which seems to be a disturbing trend for the poor guy. Second, it looks as if it's projecting some bizarre Dali-like painting on the ceiling instead of the promised Death Star or Millennium Falcon.

Sure, you can argue that we can't complain for 20 bucks. But we think we'll save the money and get a good night's sleep.