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Chaval's heated gloves warm each finger separately

High five, freezing fingers! Chaval Outdoor's high-tech Response-XRT gloves turn to nanotech to keep each digit heated just right.

heated glove
Chaval Outdoor

Got cold hands and a really hot wallet? Chaval Outdoor is showing off a pair of $390 heated ski gloves that regulate temperature independently for each finger. Say you're one of those people with a chronically blazing-hot thumb and perpetually shivering pinkie. These luxury gloves are here to tend to your tempermental digits.

Instead of the standard wire-heating technology you'd find in many heated gloves, the Chaval Response-XRT wireless gloves rely on a paper-thin, flexible nanotech polymer film to deliver heat to each individual finger (much like this technology from Aevex). The Seattle-area company calls its system AlphaHeat.

Charge me up, Chaval. (Click to enlarge.) Chaval Outdoor

"Think of this like having independent temperature control in each room of your house," Chaval co-founder Mark Boone tells me. "If you open a window in the bathroom and it cools, the home heating system would deliver hot air only to the bathroom. Same concept here. If a cold fingertip is slipped into the glove, heat production will increase only at that fingertip."

Then, as the fingertip warms, the film properties will again change to automatically reduce power draw. Chaval boasts that aside from bringing the cozy, AlphaHeat makes outdoor adventuring easier by eliminating the need to control heat output via a switch.

The leather, water-resistant gloves promise to warm your hands for four to six hours on a charge. A proprietary lithium-polymer battery system keeps them ready for the slopes.

I don't ski much, but with winter coming, I'm hoping Chaval tackles a Response-XRT body suit next. I'd totally warm to that.