Chatty thermometer tells you when you're ill

The Voice Thermo Talking Thermometer reads your temperature aloud.

Voice Thermo: "You're really, really hot."
Pro Idee

Sometimes when you're sick, you just don't feel like talking. Try telling that to the loquacious Voice Thermo talking forehead thermometer.

It isn't content to simply offer your reading on a display. It wants to chat with you, too. Press the sensor button to the forehead, and the gadget works via infrared signal. It reads your body temperature in 1.5 seconds, then tells you just how you measure (remember, if it informs you that "you're really, really hot," that's probably not a good thing).

The thermometer sells online for 39.95 euros, or about $63. A nice feature: it saves readings from the last 30 tests--useful if you want to track your temp's progress. Also nice: it doesn't demand an answer.

(Via Red Ferret)