Charlie Brown and friends really don't like the new 'Peanuts' movie

In this parody video, the original "Peanuts" gang decides that of all the Charlie Browns in the world, the new CGI "Peanuts" movie is the Charlie Browniest.

After watching the trailer for "The Peanuts Movie," Lucy, Linus and even Charlie Brown let out a major UGH! Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

There's a new CGI-heavy Peanuts movie in development, and even Charlie Brown and friends are saying "good grief!" after watching the trailer for "The Peanuts Movie."

At least that's the sentiment of this parody clip from the New York Magazine's "Vulture Remix" YouTube series, which shows Linus, Lucy and the rest of the reaction to official trailers for the film.

The video, posted Monday, features clips from several Peanuts movies and animated TV series, with Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty and even Pig-Pen moaning and groaning as various scenes from the upcoming movie play out.

As you'd expect, there are lots of "UGHs" to go around, as there isn't a single "Peanuts" character who thinks the new movie is going to be any good.

Will these characters be right? We'll find out when "The Peanuts Movie" hits theaters on November 6 in the US, and December 21 and December 26 in the UK and Australia, respectively.