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Charges dropped against husband in Facebook sting

A man whom police believed to have been duped by a fake Facebook profile created by his estranged wife, persuades police that he knew it was her all along.

Have you ever seen "The War of the Roses"? This was a movie in which a husband and wife participate in a considerable amount of divorce drama.

Somehow, this movie comes to mind when I hear that police have now dropped the charges in a case I wrote about yesterday involving a wife, a husband, and a fake Facebook profile.

Should you not like to click on links, let me give you the short version: estranged wife creates a fake Facebook profile for a teenage girl called Jessica Studebaker. Husband befriends fake teenage girl on Facebook. He allegedly immediately offers her information which would suggest that he was thinking of fleeing their home state of Indiana and even, perhaps, doing his wife harm.

Husband is then arrested for allegedly putting a GPS on his wife's car.

The fake Facebook profile. Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Today, however, the Smoking Gun reports that police have dropped all charges after the husband persuaded them that he knew all along that Jessica Studebaker, teenage girl on Facebook, was a creation of his wife.

David Voelkert produced an affidavit, sworn fully six days before his allegedly incriminating e-mails, in which he outlined that he was responding to the fictitious Studebaker in order to prove that Angela Voelkert was "trying again to tamper in my life."

His aim, he states in the affidavit, was to get his wife to bring these Facebook messages up in court, so that he could prove she was interfering in his life.

The case has been dismissed.

One can only imagine what the next act might entail. Let us hope it won't be something to do with suggestive tweets.