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Charge your devices on the go with the Death Star

Harness the power of the dark side with a Star Wars Death Star USB car charger before those pesky Rebels find you. It's perfect for pretending to blow up planets when stuck in traffic.

Add extra power to your phone or tablet without having to blow up Alderaan.

Nothing makes me feel more like an angry Darth Vader than when my cell phone unexpectedly dies and I can't find my charger to juice it up again.

A Star Wars Death Star USB car charger from ThinkGeek lets you load up on your phone power and feel like you're in charge of a weapon of mass planetary destruction while sitting in traffic.

When you plug the charger in to your car, Grand Moff Tarkin's voice will say, "You may fire when ready," and suddenly you'll hear the Death Star's destructive laser shoot away. Green LEDs flash with the firing noise, which make it extra-glorious to behold at night.

The charger is compatible with USB gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, GPS devices and so forth. You supply the cable. There are two USB charging ports, one that's best for tablets and one that's best for phones.

The charger's base measures a little over 2.5 inches (6.82 centimeters) in diameter, with a Death Star that measures 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) and sits above the cup holder. The product retails for $17.99 (about £11.91, AU$24.62)

All you need now is something to charge an imaginary target. Just don't invite Princess Leia or Luke Skywalker to sit in the passenger seat if you want your Death Star to survive the road trip.