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Charge multiple handhelds at one time with Charge4All mat

A charging device that potentially supports all popular handheld devices and can charge up to four devices at a time.

This is not for everybody, but if you have more than one handheld device (like me), you'd probably find this handy.

It's called a Charge4All portable charging mat and it can charge up to four handheld devices at a time from a single source of power. This means you won't have to fumble around to find wall sockets, especially if you share a place with another gadget hoarder.

The mat supports a large amount of (if not all) popular electronic devices, including iPhones, iPods, cell phones, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices, PDAs, digital cameras, portable GPS devices, and so on. The charger comes with four charging ports and five charging plugs for the most popular devices, including: iPod/iPhone, Mini-USB, Micro-USB, Samsung SCH, and LG Chocolate.

In addition, the company offers up to 29 optional plugs that could potentially support the rest of the handheld devices on the market today. Each additional plug costs another $4.95. A car adapter is also available for charging devices on the go.

The charging mat is made of a soft silicon mat that can be rolled up for easy packing. It's powered by an included AC adapter.

Unfortunately, the Charge4All portable charging mat is not designed for charging laptop computers or other devices that require high voltage. It's available now for $39.95.