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Change volume and screen timeout settings for individual Android apps with PerApp

If you find yourself fiddling with your settings every time you open certain apps, PerApp makes it easy to automatically change volume or screen timeout duration.

I use Google Reader and Listen quite a bit on my Android devices, and for quite a while, I had to manually change the screen timeout and volume settings every time I opened one or the other. It was a pain, but now I use PerApp to do it for me automatically. Here's how it works: 

  1. If you haven't already allowed your device to accept non-Google Play apps, you need to do that first. On newer devices, just tap the menu key, then select "Settings," then "Security," then check the box next to "Unknown Sources." For older devices it's very similar, except it's "Applications" instead of "Security." 
  2. Download the PerApp APK file here. I'd recommend going with the most recent one and using the QR code to zap it straight to your phone, but you may want to download it to your computer and transfer it instead. 
  3. Run the APK file through your favorite file manager. 
  4. Agree to install the app. 
  5. Run PerApp. 
  6. Check the box next to "PerApp Active" at the top. 
  7. Tap "Defaults" to inspect and change the defaults for the three settings PerApp handles. 
  8. Select any app you want to have PerApp handle, then change any of the three settings. 
    Step 8: Choose settings for each app.
    Step 8: Choose settings for each app. Rob Lightner/CNET

That's it! If you root your device, you can also set minimum and maximum CPU speed. This is a handy app for people who want to automate a few handy settings without getting a monster of an automation app that handles more than they want. 

Here's more on automating Android processes: 

Thanks to Addictive Tips for the link!