CES: Steve Perlman is 'OnLive' (podcast)

OnLive founder Steve Perlman talks about what's new with his online gaming service and looks back to his other contributions, including WebTV and the Android operating system.

OnLive Founder Steve Perlman

At the ShowStoppers press event at CES 2011, CNET's Larry Magid sat down with OnLive founder Steve Perlman to talk about the company and its new products and look back at some of Steve's previous accomplishments, including WebTV and Android.

OnLive, which brings cloud-based gaming to consumers, used CES to announce that it would soon bring cloud gaming not only to PCs and Macs but also to iPads, Android devices, and even Vizio TVs.  A video from CNET's Rich Brown from the Vizo booth at CES demonstrates the TV/online gaming integration.

Perlman said it's now possible to play powerful and graphic-intensive games on mobile devices, by using the Internet to access far more powerful computers via the cloud.

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