CES Moment of Zen: The calm before the storm

Amid the whirlwind of insanity, we bring you one brief moment of awesome.

LAS VEGAS--In case you didn't know, the Consumer Electronics Show is crazy. Like you-want-to-move-to-a-cave-in-Montana-and-become-a-hermit-when-it's-all-over crazy.

Since our entire staff is going to be running around like headless chickens nonstop for the next five days, I thought I'd take at least one brief moment each day to pause and feature something beautiful or interesting or just completely bizarre.

On this, the eve of Press Day (or what we've taken to calling Day Zero), the sun is down. We have one live blog behind us (only 21 more to go!). Most of our writers are either at the CES Unveiled event or hunkering down for our next live blog. And a few of us editors are here in the CNET trailer listening to Furry Lewis making sure everything's running smoothly on our site.

Tomorrow will be a whirlwind of live streams, live shows, and live blogs. But right at this very moment, this is what we're looking at outside our trailer window. In all deference to Jon Stewart, I hereby give you our very first CES Moment of Zen.

CES Moment of Zen: Las Vegas moon
Las Vegas moon. Seth Rosenblatt/CNET