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CES Moment of Zen: Look up

Amid the whirlwind of insanity at the largest electronics show of the year, we bring you one brief moment of awesome.

LAS VEGAS--The show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show is astonishingly crowded.

Walking around, you're bombarded from all sides by booming speakers, action-packed videos playing on screens of all sizes, and people eagerly hoping you'll allow them to give you a demo of whatever product they're representing.

The walkways are packed with people. And at times I find myself experiencing pedestrian rage when the person in front of me stops dead in their tracks to read a text message on their phone. And judging from the looks of frustration on many of the people around me, I know I'm not alone. So here's a pro tip from me to you. When the constant sensory overload starts getting to you, just look up.

Ceiling of the Las Vegas Convention Center
The ceiling at the Las Vegas Convention Center is its own kind of beautiful and is a nice break from the chaos of the show floor. Corinne Schulze/CNET