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CES: Lady Gaga can't get enough of tech

The typically wildly dressed pop singer, who is scheduled to appear at the Consumer Electronics Show on Thursday, keeps showing up at tech gatherings.

Lady Gaga is seemingly everywhere nowadays. At last month's Vevo launch party, she had her hand on the whiskey and her foot on the keys.
Greg Sandoval/CNET

Lady Gaga, the singing sensation and heir to Madonna's club-queen throne, is proving to be quite the technology fan.

Beats by Dr. Dre--the brand of headphones and electronic gear from rapper Dr. Dre--along with Monster and Universal Music Group producer Jimmy Iovine announced Tuesday that Lady Gaga would appear at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Thursday.

This follows the Lady's appearance at last month's launch party in New York for music-video start-up Vevo and a performance last year at DLD Starnight, a gathering of European techies. In addition, Gaga also has her own headphone model under the Beats label called Heartbeats.

But here's the rub: Lady Gaga is not scheduled to perform at CES, according to a spokeswoman from Beats.

That's too bad. I was skeptical of the singer's talent until I heard her play in person at the Vevo party. It was just her and a piano. She sounded great, even when she was playing with her foot (shod in 10-inch heels). Impressive.