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CES Day 2 in Mobile and MP3: An entertaining form factor rounds up the best in mobile gadget news from Day 2 of CES 2008.

The LG watch phone
The LG watch phone
Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

Our second day at CES kept us plenty entertained. If there's any chance we were slipping into a gadget malaise, a few mobile manufacturers gave us a wakeup call, starting with LG. Remember those (kinda useless) PDA watches from a few years back? LG's revisiting the concept, but this time with a prototype phone watch--sounds much more useful this time.

Less radical looking, the Nokia 3310's green innards impressed us yesterday, as did Asus' GPS-plus-tons-of-cool-travel-software phone. We also got a peek at the Europe-only LG Viewty.

The Musical Mickey Mouse
The Musical Mickey Mouse iRiver

We were charmed by iRiver's Mickey Mouse-themed MPlayer, a kid-friendly MP3 player that is reportedly coming to the states in the next few months. Also on display from iRiver was the B20, which bears a striking resemblance to the first-generation Clix but adds a number of new features; and the Clix+, the latest iteration of CNET's highest-rated MP3 player, which now sports a slimmer design and lower price. Oh, and now it comes in pink.