Cell phone video shows cop allegedly trying to force driver to buy fund-raising tickets (or else)

Technically Incorrect: A Philadelphia cop is taken off street patrol after stopping a motorist and then uttering some seemingly incriminating dialogue.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Did a police officer turn scalper? Rob Stay Faded/Facebook screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

For some people, filming their encounters with police officers is becoming de rigueur.

You never know what might happen, the logic goes, so you'd better make sure you have your own evidence just in case.

The latest example to have fascinated the firmament involves a traffic stop that appeared to become something of a showstopper.

The show in question was a police fund-raiser. The police officer stopped the driver and brandished tickets to a show. "Either you buy these, or I take your car, because it's unregistered," the officer said.

This, in some movies, would be called an offer you can't refuse. In this movie, posted to Facebook by someone whose real name (per Facebook's strict rules) is Rob Stay Faded, the officer continues: "Ten bucks each. Support your police department."

There are many ways to support one's police department. I'm not sure that, say, succumbing to extortion is the finest way to show that support.

Still, a transaction appears to occur, as the passenger films on his phone.

This video was posted on Thursday. On Friday, however, Rob Stay Faded posted another video from the same traffic stop. In this one, the officer drops a couple of homophobic remarks when asking about the driver's (presumably pink) windshield wipers.

"Breast cancer, man. My grandmom went through it," replies the driver.

"Breast cancer I can understand," replies the cop. "But can't you support it another way? You look like a fruitcake." (The other remark doesn't bear repeating.)

On Friday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the officer in the video, nine-year-veteran Matthew Zagursky, was taken off street patrol and dispossessed of his gun. Zagursky will continue working, pending the results of an Internal Affairs probe, which Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey ordered Friday.

Neither the Philadelphia police department nor Rob Stay Faded was immediately available for comment.

However, Ramsey told the Inquirer: "Nothing [Zagursky] did was right."

Not everyone on Facebook is critical of the officer's apparent actions. For example, this from Kandy Dewey: "Sad he lost his job over this. What a creep the driver was for even allowing this to be seen by the public! Karma is coming around. Blessings!!!!!"

Got pulled today cop said buy these tickets or i take your car smh

Posted by Rob Stay Faded on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Karma does keep to an idiosyncratic schedule. Who knows when one might see her next?

Clearly, not all police officers behave this way. The police, too, are increasingly using bodycams and releasing footage, especially when they feel it supports their stance.

However, videos such as Rob Stay Faded's shine a more public beam on stories one used to hear in the past -- stories that could never be corroborated.

What, though, made the passenger film? Was it a natural response? Or did he feel that something might occur?

By the by, the fund-raiser in question was the Police and Fire Hero Thrill Show.