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Cell phone talks to PC

Qualcomm today announced two new cell phones that can be used with personal computers.

Qualcomm today announced two new ultra-thin cell phones that can be used with personal computers.

Much like a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), the new phones synchronize with PCs and include a backlit LCD display and customizable phone book with 99 storage locations.

Both Qualcomm's new QCP-860 and QCP-1960 offer basic phone service as well as paging, voice-mail in a 4 ounce wireless phone. The phones offer an optional cable for data transfer with a desktop PC or PDA.

The QCP-860 is an 800 MHz phone which operates in both digital and analog modes. The purely digital QCP-1960 is a 1900 MHz phone. Both are available in metallic color options as well as basic black.

Both phones are "hot-swappable" -- they feature batteries which can be replaced while the phone is in use. Additionally, the internal batteries offer up to 10 hours of talk time and 8 days in standby mode, according to the company.

Qualcomm could not be reached for comment regarding pricing and availability information.

Qualcomm is a partner with Microsoft in the joint venture Wireless Knowledge, which is aimed at enabling data carriers to offer low-cost data services.