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'Take my money J.J.!' Celebs geek out over new 'Star Wars' trailer

After the debut of the teaser trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," celebrities such as Simon Pegg, Kevin Smith, James Gunn, Anna Kendrick and more showed their geek pride.

Seeing the Millennium Falcon in the new "Star Wars" trailer got more than one celebrity excited. Screenshot by CNET

When the teaser trailer for "Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" debuted on November 28, it "surpassed 40 million YouTube views in less than 72 hours online," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In addition to the millions of eager fans who watched the 88-second trailer, quite a few celebrities voiced their excited opinions online. Actors, directors, pro-wrestlers, rock stars and authors alike all tweeted their thoughts about the new "Star Wars" footage.

"As a Kenner-buying, Bantha Tracks-reading Star Wars fan from way back," indie filmmaker Kevin Smith tweeted that he had plenty to say about the new trailer. Smith told a story about seeing the trailer for "The Empire Strikes Back" with his parents when he was a kid. "It was a real time machine back to my youth," Smith stated in a video. "Take my money J.J.!"

Director James Gunn tweeted, "Because everyone keeps asking me my opinion, I LOVED the Star Wars trailer. It infused me with a giddy-little-kidness."

"That 'Star Wars' trailer gave me the tingles," filmmaker Edgar Wright tweeted. "So thrilled to see John Boyega in there."

"Star Wars! Language and emojis fail to express what's in my heart at this moment," actress Anna Kendrick tweeted.

After seeing the trailer, "Hannibal" creator Bryan Fuller tweeted, "How am I supposed to get any writing done today?"

"That Star Wars trailer is pretty killer," actor Colin Hanks tweeted.

"The Star Wars trailer is awesome, right?!" actor Simon Pegg wrote in his blog.

Even this astromech is having a ball in the new "Star Wars" trailer. Screenshot by CNET

"Sleepy Hollow" actor Tom Mison had plenty to say in a series of tweets about the new trailer: "Great days. Just great ruddy days. My god. Great days. Yes, it's under 2 minutes. Yes, it stays secretive. Yes, my heart soared with the Millennium Falcon. And no, I am not ashamed. How can anyone be cynical when there's a bloody droid on a ball? What more do you want, you animals?"

Actor Brandon Routh tweeted, "Can't stop watching! Chills!"

"I cried a little bit when the Millennium Falcon rose into frame. Shut up," actress Courtney Ford tweeted.

While some celebrities tweeted their approval for the trailer, others remained hopeful that the new movie will live up to its hype.

"Portandia" actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani tweeted about the trailer, "I don't know if this movie's gonna be any good. But it's fun to be hopeful. Being excited is its own reward."

"Teen Wolf" actor Keahu Kahuanui tweeted, "If the next trilogy ends up being awesome, I'd say let's remake Star Wars I-III films and pretend those first ones never happened."

Of course, celebs, just like other fans, want to dissect and ask questions about the characters and that mysterious new lightsaber reveal.

"I try to play it cool, but holy s*** the Star Wars trailer," actress Felicia Day tweeted. "Let's be real though. What advantage is there with a broadsword light saber over a regular one? You're just asking for a thumb amputation."

The new lightsaber had a few celebs pondering its safety. Screenshot by CNET

Comedian Patton Oswalt showed off his knowledge of obscure "Star Wars" characters as he tweeted, "Where the f*** were Kardue'sai'Malloc and Momaw Nadon?" Kardue'sai'Malloc and Momaw Nadon are obscure cantina patrons in "A New Hope." Or as old Ben Kenobi would categorize them, part of the "wretched hive of scum and villainy."

But the biggest concern for some wasn't what was in the trailer, but how long we have to wait for the film to come out in December 2015.

"The Big Bang Theory" actress Mayim Bialik tweeted, "Re the New Star Wars trailer. I literally can't wait another year. Doesn't anyone understand that?"

Actor Breckin Meyer tweeted, "Anybody know how to fast forward a year?!"

"*Tiny voice from the backseat* Are we Star Wars yet? Are we Star Wars yet? Are we Star Wars yet?" actor David Blue tweeted.

WWE pro-wrestler Zack Ryder tweeted, "Star Wars - Lucas + J.J. + Disney = BEST MOVIE EVER. I can't wait for December of 2015!"