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Ceatec's cell phones of tomorrow

Ceatec is always a reliable place to spot some of the coolest, most forward-thinking, and sometimes impractical concept designs for cell phones.

CHIBA, Japan--Cell phones in Japan have long been more advanced than what we can get in the U.S. Watching TV, filming video, paying for groceries with a mobile phone--none of that is new here.

But there are still some cell phones that are too futuristic even for here. We scoured the halls of Makuhari Mess here at Ceatec 2010 and found a variety of phones and some accessories that are intended to be prototypes or design concepts.

Some seem more realistic than others, like this dual-pane device from Fujitsu. It's a flip phone with two touch screens that can morph into a horizontal or vertical flip phone. You can see video of it in action below.

Some of the others, like the phone intended to replicate a block of ice, seems, well, less realistic for actual commercialization. Check out the gallery above to see all of the weird and wacky designs.