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CD goes the way of the tape deck with Dual's XMC100

Dual reveals its XMC100 at CES 2007

Look mom, no discs!
CNET Networks

The fact that Dual can call its new XMC100 in-car stereo a "multimedia receiver" without including a CD slot is a sign of the digital-audio times. The XMC100 features three options for playing digital media, without a disc in sight: a 3.5-inch jack, an SD Card slot, and a USB port.

The XMC100 also can be used as a satellite radio receiver for Sirius Satellite Radio. Drivers can see what's playing on the unit's black-and-white dot-matrix display. The XMC100 features an internal 240-watt (60x4) MOSFET amplifier, as well as source audio memory and five selectable preset EQ curves. The base system will retail for $199, although drivers wishing to listen to satellite radio or hoping to use the system for Bluetooth hands-free calling will have to splash out for additional modules.