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Warner Brothers Total Hi Def DVDs

Warner Bros. will be making some of its films available on "Total Hi Def" DVDs, which are, ingeniously, HD DVD on one side and Blu-ray on the other.

The combo discs are the same size as always but contain both single and dual layers for both formats. A Total Hi Def DVD can have 15GB or 30GB on the HD DVD side and 25GB or 50GB on the Blu-ray side.

The Total Hi Def DVDs (THD DVDs? THDs?) will begin appearing some time after July, in conjunction with normal movie-to-DVD release schedules, Warner Bros. said at CES.

The company had no hesitation in explaining why it's straddling fences when it comes to the HD wars. In a statement, Warner Bros. said flat out that the format wars have resulted in slower adoption of HD technology, because no customer wants to be the one to invest in the losing side.

With a combo solution, no matter who ends up being the B-side of the record, Warner Bros. covered. No word yet on price.