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Cat Tunnel Sofa like a giant Habitrail for your furniture

The Cat Tunnel Sofa is a series of tubes built into a human-scale piece of furniture. Your furry friends get to play and you get to lounge.

Cat Tunnel Sofa
Chill out with your feline friends.
Seungji Mun

My sofa has seen better days thanks to the hundreds of tiny claw pricks left by three cats. When I finally get around to replacing it, I would sure like to pick up a Cat Tunnel Sofa.

The Cat Tunnel Sofa incorporates a place for humans to sit, but it also features a bending tube for cats to play in. This means you're not likely to get much relaxing done as Toehawks and Ms. Floofer scurry around like hamsters right behind your head.

Korean designer Seungji Mun was inspired by the concept of pets as companions and the growing market for pet products.

"We would like to use 'the furniture' as a tool to share emotions and feelings with pets. This Cat Tunnel Sofa is to communicate and share feelings with a cat," Mun writes on his Web site.

There is a pleasant modern aesthetic to the sofa design and it even looks reasonably comfortable. It's certainly more attractive than 99 percent of the beige carpet-covered cat furniture on the market.

As for sharing feelings with my cats, I get the sense they're more interested in food, scritches, and killing feather toys than hearing about my emotions. Maybe we just need a creative piece of furniture to bring us closer.

Cat Tunnel Sofa
The Cat Tunnel Sofa under construction. Seungji Mun

(Via Technabob)