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Cash to trash: Watch millions of dollars turn into compost

Talk about your cash crops. The New Orleans Federal Reserve mulches up our dirty dollars to help grow food.

Your dirty old greenbacks are helping greenery grow. In a new video from CNN's video network, Great Big Story, you can watch more money than you'll ever see in your life shredded, then trucked to a giant compost pile to become one with the earth.

The video starts out at the New Orleans Federal Reserve Bank, where money that's torn, taped up, graffitied or otherwise ruined is cut up into pieces so tiny you're not even tempted to try to piece them back together. (Each day, $6 million is shredded.) Such shreds used to be dumped in a landfill. Now, they're taken to compost facility Wood Materials and combined to create a rich soil that's then used by urban farmers in the greater New Orleans area.

Watching the video is mesmerizing in that same way that watching "Picture, Picture" on "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" used to be, when he'd take his young audience inside a crayon or guitar factory. But it's almost impossible to witness all that cash meet its "Fargo"-style doom without cringing a little. That's a Lamborghini, a mansion, round-the-world trip and a couple of college educations that are now nurturing your pizza-sauce tomatoes.