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'Cars 3' crash looks deadly for Lightning McQueen in teaser

Buckle up, Pixar fans, the little red race car speeds straight into danger in super-realistic trailer.

Pixar favorite Lightning McQueen, star of the hit movie "Cars" and the lesser-acclaimed "Cars 2," is in some serious trouble in a grim teaser released Monday for "Cars 3."

"Cars" fans will experience creepy flashbacks to disturbing crashes involving previous characters The King and Doc Hudson. A creepy heartbeat provides the soundtrack as McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) veers toward the track wall at high speed, then tumbles uncontrollably through the air. Just at the pivotal moment, the teaser lives up to the "tease" in its name and cuts out with the menacing message: "From this moment, everything will change."

The film won't vroom into theaters until June 16, but buckle up now. Watching the super-realistic teaser is like watching one of those Russian dashcam YouTube videos of a horrific crash, where you know it's coming, but still can't look away.