Carry your iPad like a baby kangaroo

I'm not sure I'm ready to use my iPad like some sort of techno-kangaroo, but that doesn't mean others aren't. New bags from Assero Industries fill that niche.

Assero iPad bags
Does this frontpack make me look fat? Assero Industries

Last year I slipped on the ice and landed on my back, with my iPad in an over-the-shoulder canvas bag between me and the hard surface. The device was damaged, but thankfully I got it fixed. The experience, though, has me eyeballing new cases to keep my tablet safe from the elements and myself, and a new line from Assero Industries might be just what I was looking for--except I'm not sure I'm ready to go around looking like a cyborg kangaroo.

The Defender iPad frontpack. Assero Industries

The company has a pair of pouches, or "frontpacks," that it plans to unveil this week at Macworld, where you can expect to see many, many iPad cases. They are basically backpacks worn around the belly that feature quick-release clasps so a mobile iPad owner can walk around iPadding while standing up.

Honestly, it's not a problem I've found myself in need of a solution for, but I could definitely see construction workers, architects, sports coaches, and others out in the field using them.

The two models are called the Protector and the Defender. Both offer Neoprene iPad sleeves with Velcro straps, adjustable straps, and memory foam padding, and work as a backpack or a frontpack. The $90 Protector is slim and can be worn under clothes, if needed. The $130 Defender features more pockets and storage and a larger frame.

A frontpack would certainly conflict with my "don't look like that dude" philosophy. But if you're iPad-armed and need access to your data while on the go and standing, these cases might be worth a shot.