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Carl Icahn prepares for a blogging debut

The shareholder activist likely to use his Icahn Report blog to present his and his associates views on corporate governance issues.

Carl Icahn has been called many things: corporate raider, shareholder activist, private equity investor, according to Wikipedia.

And, maybe soon, we may add billionaire blogger to the list.

It appears the prolific writer of shareholder activist letters may want to apply his writing skills to a blog on his Icahn Report Web site.

While the Icahn Report home page notes "blog coming soon," the site has already posted its privacy policy and terms of use.

Icahn, who is making a second run at Motorola's board, is considering using the blog to highlight reports that either he or his associates pen on a range of corporate governance topics, from excessive pay at underperforming companies to moves that fall short of being favorable to shareholders, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Icahn apparently also plans to use the forum to highlight sticky issues at companies where he is not an investor, unless they involve a company he has already publicly indicated he is interested in targeting, according to The Journal.