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Capture that screen--David's iPhone tip of the week

This week's tip shows you how you can capture screenshots on your iPhone.

Here's a feature you'll like for capturing screenshots on your iPhone. You can use it to capture displayed error messages, images, or practically anything you see on your iPhone's screen.

Zoom in on a label on a jar of Kraft's Vegemite and capture everyone's favorite iSnack up close. David Martin/CNET

Simply press the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously and immediately release them. The screen will momentarily flash, and the iPhone's current screen contents will be saved to your Camera Roll.

Even more interesting is the fact that when the app or screen you are in supports the zoom feature you can simply zoom to the desired depth, then trigger a screen snapshot using the same buttons above. This is particularly handy if you want to get a close up of something in a photo, on a Web site, or on a jar of Vegemite.