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Captain Picard serenades with 'Let it Snow' ('Make it So')

The captain hits warble speed with a spirited rendition of "Let it Snow" crafted from video clips of "Star Trek" dialogue.

Captain Picard
Sing it, captain.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Sometimes, social media is there to make you watch videos you would normally ignore. Enough of my friends posted a video titled "Captain Picard sings 'Let it Snow!'" that I finally broke down and became a viewer. It was worth it.

Video editor and aspiring video-game designer James Covenant painstakingly cut the short video together from snippets of dialogue from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Picard recites his way through the familiar lines of "Let it Snow."

Trekkies watching it for the first time can shiver in anticipation waiting for him to hit the refrain, replacing "Let it Snow" with "Make it So." You know it's coming, but somehow it's still so very satisfying when it happens.

The video could have stayed in familiar territory and just stuck with the original song's lyrics, but it starts detouring after the first chorus with references to "tea, Earl Grey, hot." We even get a classic "Shut up, Wesley!" thrown in for good measure.

Commander Riker, Counselor Troi, Doctor Crusher, Worf, Geordi La Forge, and Data show up to contribute to the song-party. Tasha Yar must have been too busy getting attacked by an alien oil slick to participate.

If your idea of celebrating the holidays involves "Star Trek" marathons, hand-blown glass USS Enterprise ornaments, and decking the halls with phasers, then this should become your new winter anthem. Just be aware it morphs into an ad for a game Covenant is developing. You can always hit the stop button if you don't want to watch from there on out.