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Canon's wireless mouseculator, for the accountant who has everything

Canon's upcoming X Mark 1 Bluetooth wireless mouse/calculator also ingeniously acts as a number pad.

Canon's X Mark 1 Mouse: calculator, mouse.

Sure, Apple has the Magic Trackpad, but Canon looks like it's got a one-up all its own: the calculator-mouse. Coming in November 2010 to U.K./European markets (and hopefully to the U.S. as well), this funky little wireless Bluetooth mouse is an old-fashioned calculator from the waist down. Called the X Mark 1 Mouse, it aims to replicate most of the features from Canon's X Mark 1 business calculator.

Armed with a scroll wheel and 1,200dpi resolution, the Mac/PC compatible device comes in black or white and boasts its own LCD display. It may not be the best idea from an ergonomics perspective, but as an added nifty trick, the X Mark 1 Mouse also doubles as a number pad for those who lack one on their laptop or desktop keyboard. For the eco-conscious, it's also partially constructed out of recycled materials.

This isn't Canon's first foray into calcumice, as Gizmodo points out. At £39.99/€48.99, it's hardly cheap. We only have one question: do you prefer the term calcumouse, or mouseculator? (Canon via Gizmodo)