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Canon's top-end consumer HD camcorder improves stability

For another $200, Canon adds another 32GB and possibly improved image stabilization to its top-end Vixia AVCHD camcorder.

The Canon Vixia HF S11 equipped with the RA-V1 LANC adapter Matthew Fitzgerald/CNET

If you've a yen to pay $1,399.99 for an HD camcorder, Canon now gives you an option. It extends its HF S10/S100 line upward to the HF S11, which adds another 32GB memory, bringing the total to 64GB for the top-of-the-consumer-line. Plus it follows Sony's example, adding an enhanced version of its SuperRange optical image stabilizer, dubbed Dynamic SuperRange OIS, which compensates better while walking and at wide angles. Canon has also boosted its Video Snapshot mode; it's now Advanced, which seems to mean you can pull 4-second clips in playback mode, as well as in capture mode.

An ancillary announcement, though, should please the users who bemoan the lack of wired remote support in many modern camcorders. (They allow more streamlined tripod-based operation.) The $120 RA-V1 Remote Control Adapter adds a LANC terminal to camcorders that use Canon's Mini Accessory shoe.

Both products are expected to ship in mid-September.