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Canon updates AVCHD flagship camcorders

New models appear to be only available in Japan for now.

IVis HF11
iVis HG21 Canon

Canon today unveiled two new AVCHD camcorder models that will be available in Japan in September for the Japanese equivalent of about $1,300. The iVis models--the overseas version of the Vixia brand--will include an addition to the HF line of flash-based camcorders and a replacement for the HG10 hard-disk based unit.

IVis HF11
IVis HF11 Canon

The HF11 is a higher-end line mate for the popular HF10; it adds a higher bit-rate 24Mbps recording mode and an increase to 32GB built-in flash memory, up from 16GB. The hard-disk-based HG21 has the same innards as the HF10/11 and gets a boost to the 12x zoom lens from the HF series. It also gets a bump to a 60GB hard disk--to hold all those large 24Mbps bit-rate files--1,920x1,080 resolution, and the ability to record video to an SD card.