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Canon EOS 7D imminent?

Could Canon be planning a replacement for the EOS 5D?

Chatter has intensified recently and the rumor mill is chugging along that Canon will soon be introducing a follow up to the EOS 5D called the EOS 7D. The unofficial keeper of UPC barcode data,, even has an entry for the Canon EOS 7D that looks very convincing. On the other hand, Canon has said that it won't release any new dSLRs for the rest of this year and stuck to its guns when I asked about this. So, do I think that we'll see an EOS 7D from Canon anytime soon? No. I don't. I wouldn't expect anything like that until the lead up to PMA next February at the earliest.

Not only that, I'm not totally convinced that the successor to the EOS 5D will be the EOS 7D. Sure, Canon has a tendency to use odd instead of even numbers when naming its higher-end SLRs, so we might not get to see an EOS 6D or an EOS 4D, for that matter. But, it also tends to name better-featured cameras with lower numbers, which is why the 1D line is at the top of their SLRs. Remembering back to the film days, Canon had an EOS 3, which lends some credence to the idea that we might one day see an EOS 3D, but then that'd be a problematic model name (would the camera come with cardboard red-and-blue-filtered glasses?). That brings us back to the EOS 7D name, which could actually happen, but might not.

I could go into all the things that I'd like to see in an EOS 7D, but I'll leave that up to you. Post a comment and let us, and presumably Canon, know what you'd like to see in a follow up to the EOS 5D.